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About Our Name

About Our Name


Our name is inspired by the swiilawiid (Pine Grosbeak Pinicola enucleator carlottae). These lovely resident birds are a rare and wonderful sight. Swiilawiid(s) are often found in small flocks near human habitation and their sweet, mellow musical song is as beautiful as their colours. The males have pinkish-red heads and bodies and females are yellowish-brown. The swiilawiid should not be confused with the Red Crossbills, which are similarly coloured but much smaller and have a more obviously crossed bill.


Recent scientific evidence has found that the swiilawiid is a distinct subspecies on Haida Gwaii that diverged from related species some 122,000 years ago. This study suggests that Haida Gwaii had a forested refugium during the last glaciation period.


“Swiilawiid” is the X_aayda kil (southern dialect) word for the Pine Grosbeak, Red Crossbill, and Hermit Thrush.*X_aad kil coming soon.


Our logo was designed by local writer, artist, designer, and Maker of Nets, Kara Sievewright.


Sources: Small Birds Cling to Bare Branches: Nesting Songbirds of Haida Gwaii (Margo Hearne: 2006); Evidence from the Genetics of Landbirds for a Forested Pleistocene Glacial Refugium in the Haida Gwaii Area (Christine L. Pruett, et al: 2013); HlGaagilda X_aayda Kil K’aalang (SHIP X_aayda Kil Glossary: 2016).