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Renewable Energy Symposium

The Haida Gwaii Renewable Energy Symposium FULL AGENDA is here! Download the PDF.

Find all the fine event details here.

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The Haida Gwaii Renewable Energy Symposium is fast approaching!

Take a sneak peek at the agenda.

View PDF version here.

You are invited to the Haida Gwaii Renewable Energy Symposium! 

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Our Islands communities have been taking strides towards energy independence – we have many success stories and new possibilities on the horizon! The Renewable Energy Symposium is your opportunity to connect, learn and share your thoughts on Haida Gwaii’s energy future. 

Connect with your neighbours, elected leaders, and energy champions dedicated to shifting the Islands away from diesel-generated power.

Learn more about where our electricity comes from today and the proposed projects that could help us become energy independent. 

Share your values and vision for Haida Gwaii and our shared energy future. 

Join us at the Old Massett Community Hall - Saturday & Sunday, September 29-30

*Carpool with two or more friends and we will provide a gas subsidy each day.

Draft agenda will be posted in the coming weeks. Save the date, and contact us with any questions, suggestions, or input:

 * $25 / day for transportation from Daajing Giids, HlGaagilda; $15 / day for transportation from Tllaal and Gamadiis


Promoting & protecting social and environmental diversity on Haida Gwaii

Swiilawiid Sustainability Society is a place-based not-for-profit doing research and communications on Haida Gwaii. We work to inspire local residents to take meaningful action and reduce our collective carbon footprint. Project 0% Diesel is our sole focus at this time, and the name says it all: We want to see Haida Gwaii lead in the transition to clean, community-owned power. Renewable energy is key to both maintaining the Islands’ reputation as strong environmental stewards and taking meaningful action on climate change. 

As local residents, we are proud stewards of the land and sea and we’re committed to working with our friends and neighbours to reduce our carbon footprint.

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