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Clean Energy News

Survey Says!

Valine Crist

This past month, Swiilawiid asked for your thoughts and opinions on Haida Gwaii’s renewable energy future. We were grateful to have 164 responses to the online survey. Just like us, the clear majority would like to see the Islands embrace the shift to clean energy.

Here’s a summary of our survey questions and responses:

99% agree / strongly agree that renewable energy is important to Haida Gwaii’s Energy Future
95% agree / strongly agree that it is important for Haida Gwaii to be a renewable energy leader
94% believe it’s possible for Haida Gwaii to transition to small-scale, community owned energy
96% are aware of the energy they use and actively work to conserve electricity at home and at work
87% would invest more in clean energy conservation or renewable energy if they had more information on how to make the most of their time / money
58% do not feel they have enough information about Haida Gwaii's electrical power system
When asked to rank which renewable sources of energy are most important to Haida Gwaii’s energy future:
  • 75% say solar is our solution
  • 73% think tidal is most promising
  • 67% believe energy conservation / energy efficiencies is the priority
  • 63% vote for onshore wind
Nearly half of respondents said that reducing their environmental impact was the most important factor when it comes to their household energy.
89% of local residents believe homeowners and business owners are responsible for the shift to clean energy. At a close second, 87% of Islanders believe that local governments are responsible for the energy shift.

Did we forget an important question? Should we have asked something but didn’t? Did you have questions or comments after completing the survey? Please contact us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts!

Note: This summary does not include all questions or responses, this is a snapshot of the responses received to date. 


And the winner is: Jennifer Pigeon! 

At Swiilawiid’s board meeting on November 17th, we drew one lucky survey-respondant to win  a Household Energy Efficiency Kit! Valued at $200, the kit included: Interior & exterior LED lights, low-flow shower head and insulating film. Congratulations to Jennifer Pigeon, we hope this loot helps to reduce your electrical consumption!