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Clean Energy News

Swiilawiid Report

Valine Crist

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A year in review

2017 has been a fruitful and full year, and we're pleased to provide a summary of our work ...


Current Projects: 

Haida Gwaii Youth Go Solar!

Creating spaces for youth to see and experience solar energy was one of the first visions that we had as a fledgling organization. This concept has now come to fruition with 5.5 kW solar installations at the Old Massett and Skidegate Youth Centers that will help to make them more energy independent!

Rediscovery Solar Camps

The solar youth vision quickly expanded to include the Rediscovery Camps, and we were very fortunate to collaborate with all three on-Island youth programs. Swiilawiid successfully fundraised to bring this project to life, and in July, the partners met to finalize the plan. Each camp will be solarized and producing clean power by next summer, eliminating the need to run generators at the remote and serene camps.

Download our full review to learn more about our story, our current projects, and what's to come for Swiilawiid in the new year.

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