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Clean Energy News


Valine Crist

Swiilawiid is thrilled to announce Solar: A Bright Future, a series of solar installations to take place on Haida Gwaii this summer. We will work with the ReDiscovery Haida Gwaii Program, Swan Bay Rediscovery, and Mount Moresby Adventure Camp to install solar panels at all three remote locations. Solar: A Bright Future, works to reduce the camps’ annual environmental footprint, showing youth and local communities that we can be environmental stewards and positively shape our energy future.

The solar installations demonstrate Haida Gwaii’s commitment to work towards a renewable and environmentally sustainable future. It is a symbolic shift marking a transition away from fossil-fuel power towards local clean energy. The solar project offers an example that renewable energy is possible on Haida Gwaii, and will illustrate the potential for small-scale clean electricity on the Islands. 

Youth who attend the camp will have the opportunity to learn about solar potential and see first-hand that small-scale clean energy is possible. Solar: A Bright Future is an opportunity for local people to learn more about energy systems on Haida Gwaii and celebrate the leadership and initiative in the emerging shift to renewable energy.


We’re so excited to be putting up solar panels at our camp this year! Being off-grid, this will be a great opportunity to teach our youth about energy. We’re so used to walking into a room, flicking on a switch and having light. We’re totally unaware of where our electricity comes from. – Rosemary Hart, Steering Committee Member


Swan Bay Rediscovery is dedicated to helping young people learn about the Haida Stewardship Laws that are founded in the cultural concept of Yah’guudang, of respect for all things and all things are connected and depend upon each other.  This requires caring for the land and sea and not wasting.  The solar panels will provide an opportunity to add renewable energy curriculum to the camp sessions. – April Churchill, Manager


As an off-grid facility, Mount Moresby desires to minimize its impact on the environment through reducing diesel consumption for its lights and food systems. – Geoff Horner, Associate Coordinator