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Clean Energy News

Haida Gwaii Energy Savings Challenge - SURVEY RESULTS

Valine Crist

For over a year, Swiilawiid has been out in the community talking about renewable energy and searching for inspiring stories from off-Island. In our conversations, we heard that energy awareness (that is, knowing how much energy you’re using) and action at the household level is an important first step in the shift to energy independence. Hearing this, we set-out to offer information and tips on how Island citizens can track their energy usage and start saving.

We launched the Haida Gwaii Renewable Energy Toolkit in January and issued a friendly Island-wide energy savings challenge last month. February is one of the coldest months of the year, and with Hydro rates ever-increasing, we thought that would be the perfect time for people to start saving!

In total, just under 30 households signed-up for the challenge, and after 30-days of energy savings, homeowners completed a short survey on their experiences and hopes for the future. There were some strong and clear responses:

  • Residents from every community on Island participated in the 30-day Energy Savings Challenge
  • 70% have considered installing renewable energy systems in their homes
  • Nearly 90% signed up for the challenge because they want to reduce their household energy usage

When asked, “What is your vision for Haida Gwaii’s energy future?” the answer was consistent: Islanders want to get off diesel generators and see our beautiful home become energy independent.


 "100% renewable!"

"All Renewable!"

"Would love to see more renewable sources both large and small scale"

"Less reliant on diesel, more wind, tide, solar power"


Swiilawiid is committed to working with our local communities towards this shared vision! Send us an email with your thoughts and keep an eye out for upcoming opportunities and renewable energy discussions!

Haw’aa / hawaa / thank you to all who read the toolkit, participated in the challenge, and took the time to complete the short survey.

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