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Clean Energy News

Swiilawiid hosts Power to the People TV show

Valine Crist

Last week was whirlwind for Swiilawiid! We were honoured to welcome the host (Melina Laboucan-Massimo) and crew of the new TV show called Power to the People (watch the trailer). August 13-16, the crew and Melina met with Swiilawiid, elected representatives, and renewable energy leaders here on Haida Gwaii to learn more about our energy systems today and goals for our clean energy future.

Produced by Real WorldMedia, this new TV show will air online and on APTN next year.

The Cree has landed! First stop is meeting Swiilawiid directors, Jaalen and Gwaliga.

Power to the People's time included community presentations in G_aw and HlG_aagilda, meeting more of the Swiilawiid team & traveling to Haida Gwaii Rediscovery at Talungslung.

"If I can't stop the tar sands today, what can I build for tomorrow?" -- Melina Laboucan-Massimo

"Having these solar panels here shows us that renewable energy is possible, it's not abstract, we can see solar power in action" -- Haana Edenshaw, Haida Gwaii Rediscovery participant

Haida Gwaii Rediscovery is solarized! This project was a partnership along with Swan Bay Rediscovery and Mount Moresby Adventure Camp. Swiilawiid and friends were thrilled to see the camp powered by renewable energy as we toured Melina & co. to the remote camp.

The filming and tour ended on a sunny and clear afternoon, but the conversation about the Islands' renewable energy future continues.