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Clean Energy News

Solar Success at Mount Moresby

Valine Crist

This summer, all three Youth Rediscovery Camps on Haida Gwaii were powered with solar energy! Here is a report from Leslee Mackey, Executive Director of Mount Moresby Adventure Camp.


Mount Moresby Adventure Camp’s first camp season with our new solar energy system was a huge success!  It was incredibly inspiring to see youth run past the solar array on their way to the lake every day and realize that to them, solar power will be a norm, not an exception.  Swiilawiid’s project to bring solar power to Haida Gwaii Youth Centres and Youth Camps means teenagers now hang out and stay in spaces powered with renewable energy and conversations about energy efficiency and how we choose to use electricity are a natural and familiar part of the day. Experiential learning doesn’t get any better!

This season the solar power system ran flawlessly, powering MMAC operations without the use of the diesel generator.  Not only are we saving money on diesel, we also have new options for our facility that were not possible when we were dependent on the generator. We can now run a UV filter on our water system and can move to an energy efficient fridge, rather than relying on a propane one.  We can also run an energy-efficient freezer, which has been a game-changer for the kitchen.  We have so many more options, all of which are environmentally friendly and sustainable, and that just feels good!