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Energy on Haida Gwaii



Energy on Haida Gwaii

Our Current Status.


There are two electrical grids on Haida Gwaii – the north grid and the south grid. The north services 1,430 customers and includes Old Massett, Masset, Tow Hill, and Port Clements. The south grid provides power to 1,650 customers in Tlell, Skidegate, Queen Charlotte, and Sandspit.

burningdiesel copy.png

65% of the Islands' total electricity comes from burning diesel. There is a small hydro plant in Mitchell Inlet that provides about 80% of the south grid's power, except in the drier months when there isn’t enough water to produce electricity.

Every year, Haida Gwaii uses 10 million litres of diesel to keep our lights on, computers running, and food frozen. Powering our homes uses 56% of the total electricity consumed on Island every year.

We have huge potential on Haida Gwaii for small-scale renewable energy. Solar and wind are well-established and becoming more and more affordable everyday. Geothermal, biomass, and tidal technology may also be a good fit for the Islands.


Average Annual Energy Use Per Year

  • Haida Gwaii: 122 GJ/Year

  • Canada: 106 GJ/Year

  • BC: 96 GJ/Year

Renewable Energy.


“Renewable Energy” is any energy produced from naturally replenishing resources like sun, wind, tides, waves, and heat from the earth, air, or water.

Investing in our energy sovereignty will help to create a healthier environment and more local jobs.