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Join the Shift


Join the Energy Shift

Are you ready to join the energy shift? Here’s a few ways you can get involved.

Do you have clean-energy questions? Send them to us! Research and communications is what we do. One of our clean energy champions can help to answer any of your renewable-energy related questions.

Have you slashed your electricity bill by retrofitting your home or through other energy conservation efforts? Do you have solar panels, a wind turbine, or any other renewable technology? We want to share your story here!


We’re a small not-for-profit working to do big things on Haida Gwaii! We are enormously grateful for any donations – big or small (but regret we don’t have charitable status, so can’t issue a tax receipt).

Swiilawiid is a fledgling organization with some urgent renewable energy goals! Fill out this form if you want to volunteer time to the shift.