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Project 0% Diesel



“Project 0” is the first assignment Swiilawiid is taking on, and the vision is in the title: Get Haida Gwaii off diesel-generated electricity. By reducing our overall energy use through energy conservation and retrofits, and by introducing small-scale renewable energy projects, we think a swift transition away from diesel is 100% doable.

The energy shift is environmentally responsible and socially just. Plus, there’s big potential for jobs in the renewable energy sector. With the expected increase in BC Hydro rates over the next two years, there are also growing financial incentives to invest in local, clean power.

Stay tuned for upcoming events and follow us on Facebook for updates on exciting new renewable energy initiatives.

Why Change?

Lowering our carbon footprint is not only good for the environment but also for our health.

Fossil fuels are expensive - BC Hydro operates at a loss on-Island because of high diesel prices and the cost of transporting diesel.

Jobs in the renewable energy sector will be local, they will be well-paying, and long-lasting.

We will be more self-reliant communities when we can produce our own, renewable power.

We won't be tied to the rising price of finite fossil fuels.