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Our Team

Our Team

Our board of directors strives to represent the diversity of the Islands. Our directors all know Haida Gwaii as home, and we represent communities from north to south – G_aaw, HlG_agilda, and Dajing Giids.

Valine Brown, Co-Founder and Executive Director

Valine, a K'ouwas Eagle, has centered her academic and advocacy work around environmental justice, Indigenous rights and title and defending Haida Gwaii from the threat of large-scale oil and gas export projects. She believes that an elegant transition to small-scale renewable power is necessary and she is committed to seeing Haida Gwaii embrace the energy shift.

Jaalen Edenshaw, Director

Jaalen is an artist who draws his inspiration from the lands waters and culture of Haida Gwaii. His philosophy is that with all that this land has given us, we must give back. He believes that we cannot take this place for granted and we cannot continue to rely on fossil fuels while we are fighting to protect our homelands from oil and gas industries. 

Niisii Guujaaw, Director

Niisii belongs to the Ts'aahl clan and has a combined degree of Marine Biology and Indigenous Studies at UBC.  She is excited about renewable energy on Haida Gwaii because energy-independence will give our stands against resource-extractive industries more power. She wants to see younger generations even more involved and leading in the clean-energy shift.


Gwaliga Hart, Director

Gwaliga is a Gak’yaals Kiigawaay Raven and has worked in various fields around Haida Gwaii. He is currently pursing a direction with Haida art, where the values, traditions, and culture of the art has been born from the waters and lands of Haida Gwaii. Gwaliga believes in Yahgudang, Respect, for all things and understands that in order to build upon our traditions on Haida Gwaii we have to take care of this place and live sustainably. 


Mary Elizabeth Hart, Director

Guusdagang (Mary) is a proud Haida belonging to the Gak'yaals Kiigawaay Raven Clan. Recently returned from maternity leave, she is an Ecological Resource Management Technician at Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area Reserve, and Haida Heritage Site. Since its inception, Mary has been a fan of Swiilawiid’s work and she’s now excited to be a part of a place-based society working towards a bright and clean future for her son and the whole Islands' community on Haida Gwaii. 

Lucy Neville, Director

Lucy studied Environmental Science at UVic, and has since worked throughout BC in conservation, stewardship and environmental education. Working to connect the youth of Haida Gwaii to the ocean and environment through the sport of surfing, she is passionate about the power of community-based leadership to drive the shift to clean energy.

Brady Yu, Director

Brady is a pro at policy, a part-time paramedic, and volunteer with the local fire department. He sees the transition to renewable energy as important to help combat climate change and create a separation between energy and power. He feels hopeful that Haida Gwaii can build community-owned energy projects that are innovative, clean, and locally beneficial.


Ruth Wheadon, Director

Ruth is a gardener, fisherwoman, and huntress. When not working for the XaaydaGa Dlaang Society, she co-manages a small poultry farm and a licensed cut and wrap for both domestic meat and wild game. She has completed institutional education focused on environmental planning, First Nation studies, accounting and food sovereignty. She is passionate about locally produced food and its interconnectedness with locally produced energy.